Village Machaan, Resort in Pench Tiger Reserve assists our guest in Online Jungle safari booking for Madhya Pradesh and online jungle safari booking for Maharashtra, as well as the window tickets also. It is the leading in hosting wild life travelers and organizing wild life safari in pench. Contact Village Machaan for Jungle safari bookings in Pench.

Online Jungle Safari bookings, the details are as follows…

Pench National Park shall be included in anyone’s itinerary, when travelling to Central India. This would be one of the best nature’s experiences for the tourist.

Pench - Pench is perfectly poised to offer an experience that is both, authentic as well as unique with adventure. Our aim is to get to understand the wilderness better, to respect it, care for it and share it.

Exploring the jungle always brings out several surprises for both the nature lover and explorer. But in our pleasure to explore the natural environs, we need to remember that we have a responsibility to follow the rules of forest and to keep the environment clean.

Pench National park, nestling in the lower southern reaches of the satpuda hills is named after Pench River. It is located on the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh, bordering Maharashtra, in the districts of Seoni and Chhindwara.

Online safari booking is available in few entry gates of Pench, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. We Village Machaan assist our guest to book online safari for Pench National Park .

Jungle Safari entry gates in Pench National Park - Online Jungle Safari booking s for any of these zones and gates are assisted by Village Machaan Resort in Pench.

Touria Zone – This is considered to be a premium zone, Distance is just 1.5 Kms from Village Machaan Pench. This forest is part of Madhya Pradesh Pench. Park is open from October till June and is closed on Wednesday evenings. Wildlife Museum related to flora and fauna is at the entry gate of Touria zone. Touria Online safari booking s are available in advance. Entries to this gate is restricted so recommended to book in advance.
The forest has many water bodies i.e. Baghin nala, Ber Van Talab, Bhonde wali Dobri, Malkundam, Bijamatta, Jinewani, , & Mahadeo Ghat on the banks of Pench River. Tigers of Pench are known by these names according to the territory they belong to. Queen of Pench, Collarwali, resides in this zone and has been nominated in the “Guinness Book” of world records.

Karmazhiri – This is again considered to be a premium entry gate and shares partial area of Turia gate, as well as the water bodies Bodanala, Sita ghat on the banks of Pench river, Jhandi Matta .. Distance is 45 Kms from Village Machaan Resort in Pench. Park is open from October till June and is closed on Wednesday evenings. Karmajhiri online Jungle safari bookings are available in Pench MP.

Wolf sanctuary – Distance of the entry gate is 1.2 Kms from the resort in Pench. This is a rocky forest and is famous for Wolves, Blue bull and leopards. Night safari is allowed in this particular zone by the Government. This park is open throughout the year. There are two water bodies, where nocturnal species can be seen. Morning and evening safari’s are also permitted in this zone. For this entry gates there is no provision for online safari bookings in Pench Tiger Reserve.

Khursapar – This zone comes under the Maharashtra side of Pench forest. Distance from the best luxury resort in Pench is 9 Kms. Three beautiful water bodies are inside the forest, which attracts a lot of bird life as well as wildlife. Forest is closed every Tuesday. Jungle safari can be booked online for this gate.

Sillari - The speciality of this forest is that the entries are open throughout the year even in monsoon season.This park is closed every Wednesday and the forest consists of bamboo, Garari and teak trees. Sillari forest is a part of Maharashtra Pench reserve. It is 35 Kms from Village Machaan Pench. Booking of online Jungle safari is available for Sillari gate in Maharashtra Pench.

Rukhad – This zone is also known as Bison retreat which is 35 Kms from Village Machaan Pench. Park is open from Oct till June. This is very dense forest and recommended for forest lovers. The tickets are booked at the window. No provision of online park entry booking is available in Pench Tiger Reserve.

Jamtara - 65 Kms from Village Machaan Pench. Park is open from Oct till June. Sighting of Sloth bear is common in this area. This comes in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. Online park entry booking is available in Pench MP.

Teliya- This is a new zone which is 5 Kms from the resort. Wolves’ movement is very common in this zone. This zone is very close to the wolf sanctuary (Night Safari zone) and opens for morning & evening game Safaris. The park entry tickets are booked at the window.

Park entry timings are as follows.
Morning safari – 5:30am to 9:30 am
Afternoon safari – 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Night safari- 5:30 pm –to 8:30 pm

Entry gates open for 12 months a year.
Sillari in Mahrashtra – Online Jungle safari booking is available for this gate.
Wolf Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh – The safari’s are booked at the window. Safari booking is assisted at the resort.

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