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Ease of doing business: Singapore is still No. 1 Thursday, September 11, 2008 Singapore is tops for the third straight year globally in the ease of doing business, thanks to continual regulatory reforms, a survey by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) shows. New Zealand is a close runner-up, followed by the United States, Hong Kong and Denmark. The top five companies have all retained their positions from last year. The Doing Business 2009 report noted that Singapore has undertaken reforms in starting a business and dealing with construction permits. It simplified the online process for business start-ups, cutting the time required by a day, and fast-tracked the process for giving out construction permits from 102 days to 38. The survey ranks 181 economies based on 10 indicators of business regulation that track the time and cost to start and operate a business, trade across borders, pay taxes and close a business. The rankings do not reflect areas such as macroeconomic policy, quality of infrastructure, currency volatility, investor perceptions or crime rates. A record number of 239 reforms were identified between June 2007 and June 2008 that make it easier to do business in 113 economies. Eastern Europe and Central Asia led the world in reforms for a fifth straight year, with over 90 per cent of its countries making reforms. Africa also had a record year for regulatory reforms, with 28 countries completing 58 reforms - more than in any other year. East Asia and the Pacific saw the biggest pick-up in the pace of reforms among regions this year. Two-thirds of its economies introduced reforms, up from less than half last year. Some 26 reforms were identified in 24 countries across the region between June 2007 and June 2008. ‘Countries in the region are clearly committed to reform agendas,’ said Dahlia Khalifa, a co-author of the report. ‘Regardless of their stage of economic development, they are recognising the role that regulatory reform can play in staying competition while boosting entrepreneurship and job creation,’ she added. Among the world’s largest emerging markets, China led with reforms that make it easier to obtain credit by expanding the range of assets that can be used as collateral, to pay taxes and enforce contracts, and retained its 83rd position. Brazil and India both eased trade processes. In a teleconference yesterday, Sylvia Solf, programme manager of the survey, told reporters that the top 10 rankings were little changed as countries that make the list continually press for reforms as they seek to enter new markets, free trade agreements as well as to achieve cost efficiencies. Seven Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) high-income economies, including Canada, Greece, Hungary and Portugal, made regulatory reforms this year. Ms Solf noted that these high-income economies recognise that red tape remains an issue and are seeking ways to cut it. Source : Business Times - 11 Sept 2008

17 Reasons Why Investor should BUY Property by 2010 Here I would like to take the opportunity to give 17 good reasons why investor or home buyers should invest a property by year 2010. Though there are lots downside sentiments all around, we still hold strong faith and beliefs that with the combination of these reasons and Singapore strong economic foothold, all investors and home buyers should get a good profit by the year 2011 or earlier. You got to come in early, as 2010 is nearing, prices will be rising as well.1) Sovereign Wealth - GIC & Temasek with $215 billion and $108 billion respectively in assets under management, Total $323billion2) Formula 1 - First night racing in the world. Will attract thousands of tourist all across the world to come to Singapore. Singapore will be the eyes of the world during this period.3) Double the size of Financial District - Singapore plans to double the size of its financial district as part of its strategy to emerge as one of Asia's leading financial centre. The new growth area will be more than twice the size of London's >Canary Wharf and provide 2.8 million square meter of office space, the equivalent of Hong Kong's main central district, said the Urban Redevelopment Authority4) Biofuel investment - comprehensive ecosystem contributing almost 5 per cent of our GDP, world largest Biodiesel plant building in Singapore.5) Biomedical - home to global biomedical players, country with global connectivity, world-class infrastructure and government support, magnet for international talents, centre of vibrant research - the compelling hub for biomedical sciences in Asia. Current output $23 billion.6) Integrated Resort - enhance position as a leading destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE).7) Hedge against high Inflation of 6.6% - Property investment is the best way to hedge against inflation. Cash Rich Individual should invest to prevent losses. Low mortgage interest loan of 3%8) Education Hub - launched its World-Class University programme to attract up to 10 world-class institutions9) Youth Olympic - First to host the world's first Youth Olympic Games in 2010, a boom to Singapore's construction business and tourism receipts.10) Medical Hub - leading medical destinations and expects to receive about 1 million international healthcare visitors by 2012, estimate $4 billion medical tourism receipts11) Excellent Infrastructure - $23.5 billion investment on MRT and expressways to accommodate more foreigners and also achieving to become a world class city.12) Population increase to 6.5mil by 2050 - Average 43,000 new population against average 25,000 new private homes yearly, thus the demand for properties.13) MICE ( Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) - key drivers of tourism in Singapore, with visitor arrivals constituting approximately 28 per cent of total visitor arrivals and 35 per cent of total tourism receipts or SGD 4 billion in 200614) Aerospace Hub - Fastest growing industries, with 2005 registering a record output of S$5.2 billion (US$3.2 billion), a 17 per cent increase over 2004.15) Remove of Estate Duty - encourage wealthy individuals from all over Asia to bring their assets into Singapore, thus supporting the growth of the wealth management industry16) Premium Art Center with Asia's Leading Auction Houses - Singapore aim to be the auction hub of Asia and housekeeping for all expensive art pieces, thus supporting growth and bringing more investors into Singapore17) Tourism Expansion – More world class places of interest will be opening up in Singapore make the city the place for fun and play – SpacePort is one of the upcoming attraction, thus encouraging tourism.In 1980s, property prices grow due to Manufacturing and Trading In 1990s property prices grows further due to IT industry and Shipping, In 2000s we have Foreign talents, Financial Sector and Tourism - property prices still continues to growSo in 2010s? Today, we Have a Strong 17 reason that will boost property prices to a solid new height and it is coming… can you see!!!…

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Being a Real Estate Agent

It wasn’t too long ago when I’ve decided to become a Real Estate agent, 10 months, 12 days and 3 hours ago to be exact and I must say; a real estate career is one that is extremely tough and terribly unforgiving. When I was younger, I’ve always looked at real estate agent s through eyes of admiration and often wondered to myself how nice it would be to put on a suit and sell houses for a living. It sure looked easy enough. More than 10 months after I’ve started on my real estate career, I still look at successful agents with admiration but after going through what I’ve been through, the thought of it being easy vanished. Over the past 10 months, I have looked at houses that cost more than what a typical graduate makes in 15 lifetimes and met people who are rich and powerful. This exposure has enriched me in many ways that few careers in other professions can. I’ve learn that not all rich people are snobbish and not all snobbish people are rich. A typical morning Now, to give non agents a perspective of what a morning in the life of a Real Estate Agent entails, allow me to tell you how my typical day unfolds. I wake up at 7am in the morning every day, weekends included, to plan for the day. The viewings I have scheduled for the day, the reconfirmations I have to do for both my buyers and other seller agents. I flip open the newspapers to check the latest news and switched on my computer to check my emails. I use RSS feeds to stay in touch with the latest news, I’m also subscribed to the many feeds this site has, so that whenever there are latest news, or properties, I will receive these updates on my computer. I would leave the house before 8am on weekdays to begin my prospecting. Depending on what properties, I may be found walking between factories, shops, or houses looking for a lead. When I was younger, I had a phobia towards dogs, after being a real estate agent; I no longer have that fear. Before beginning this ritual of “walking the grounds” I’ve always thought that it would not be very effective to gather good quality leads this way, but after doing this for a month, it is very tiring but the result is not too bad after all. A typical afternoon In the afternoon, I can be found in the office. The afternoon is time to make all the necessary reconfirmations for the viewings in the evenings and it is always great to see other agents hard at work. One thing I’ve learnt is that, despite reminding people of the viewing days in advance, people always forget. For every 10 viewings, there will be at least 3 viewings (excluding HDB appointments) that will be rescheduled on the day of the appointment. I detest making phone calls in the beginning because I find some agents difficult to speak to, they always seem to be insulting you. It could be one’s intelligence, experience or simply anything they fancy. Some of them are impatient, very rude and always seem to be in a rush, they are also very eager to put down the phone. I once asked myself, when was the last time I’ve spoken to an agent for more than 3 minutes and the answer to that question was “a long time ago”. Agents don’t treat other agents well for a reason and I only come to learn about this when it happened to me. Evenings, viewings and undercutting. Evenings are mostly spent making phone calls or bringing clients for viewings. When I began my career as a real estate agent, I’ve always looked forward to viewings because both my clients and I can get to see the properties that I’ve lined up for them. These viewings are valuable because they bring my clients one step closer to buying. However, after more than 10 months in the business, I have come to learn that viewings are not as simple as they seem. I have experienced some seller agents slipping their name cards to my buyers and trying to undercut my services totally. My advice is to always prevent and avoid this from happening. Always follow where your buyers go. Bring them to see the ground floor together as a whole party and then move upstairs, do not allow them to stray because the other agents may purposefully leave his/her name cards lying around the place. If you are bringing buyers to see homes that are currently occupied, owners themselves may try to undercut the services of agents totally. I’ve experienced my buyers directly going to the HDB flat to negotiate, cutting my services out totally. My buyers ultimately still had to pay commission to the other agent. The result of this is that my buyers did not get proper representation, because the agent will try to fetch the best price for his client and commission. So if you are looking for a property, use a buying agent, like myself or so many of my other colleagues, not just from Dennis Wee. A buyer agent can and will negotiate the best price for you, he/she has the duty to do so. Share your stories too so that we can all hear about the various lives we are leading. I have to attend a viewing at east coast at 8pm, so we’ll continue more blogging another day. xoxo ~nat