Anjappar Menu List


Chettinad Mutton Bone Soup

Extract of coastal spices with lamb bone


Chettinad Crab soup

Crab pieces cooked in seasoned stock added with pepper to taste


Chettinad Chicken Soup

Fine Chicken pieces cooked in stock, reduced with peppercorns and tomatoes


Sweet Corn Soup – Chicken/ Vegetable

Fine dices of Chicken/vegetables cooked in stock thickened with sweet corn


Spicy Soup –Chicken/Vegetable

Pieces of Chicken cooked in stock added with soya sauce and spices (hot and sour soup)


Clear Soup – Chicken/ Vegetable

Chopped Chicken cooked in stock, seasoned and flavored with vinegar and pepper


Milagutuwany Soup – Chicken/ Vegetable

Spicy hot soup made with lentils, vegetables, rice and spices


Mushroom Soup

Bechamel sauce loosened, added with selected button mushrooms


Tomato Soup

Tomato simmered with soup base, peppercorns and stained seasoned to taste

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